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Good Intentions Art

Hello Beauty-filled friends,

I am entering a new phase in my career and life.  As I look at the art I have created, I realized that its all about transformation.  Its about trudging through the darkness, to find the technicolor.  Its layers upon layers of life and art lived to the fullest.

My work in the past was about just that…..the past.  I needed to understand, explore and feel the past, to let it go.  It was the mud, to my lotus.

Now I strive to live in the present, I have created art to inspire, to heal, and to bring joy.

I have learned to breathe, I have learned to bend, and I have learned to get through blocks.


The Wedding Dress Series

As girls and women, we are blinded by the dress.  The dress promises happily ever after.  The dress promises that you will never be alone in the world.  It promises holding hands forever.  It promises children, family, holidays and celebrations.  It promises success, however you would define it.  It promises that you will grow old with the love of your life.  It promises that all of your dreams will come true.  The dress promises that all past hurts will disappear.

The dress is a mirage.  The dress is the emperor’s new clothes.  Joseph Beuys would have hung the pristine, perfect, white wedding dress on the wall to represent those issues.

As a woman, striving for self actualization.  I realized that idea was too literal for me.  It wasn’t my style.  I needed to feel the fibers.  I needed to deconstruct , to reconstruct the dress, quite like I needed to do for myself.  I looked at the dress, and started to rip, as I started to rip, I began to heal.  Creating this series, opened my life up to all of the possibilities that lay before me.  My life was no longer about dwelling in the ugliness.  My life is about creating beauty.

Welcome Back

If I do say so myself- welcome back to me.  I have not written in a while.  I will be writing this blog more regularly.  My artist mind is struggling with the self discipline I need for blogging.  I am taking baby steps.

The recent news at our Artsy Playground is we have a new partner, her name is Jodi.  We are working on the Hearts of Art/ Artsy Playground as we speak.  We hope to debut it in a few weeks.

We have been creating Healing Heart Jewelry, photos will be up soon.

Have a Creative, Imaginative, and Loving Week!


Twitter- check

Hello everyone,

Thank you for the suggestion.  I have now joined Twitter.  I am quite tech challenged, but I will try.  I am going to start posting projects that I am using with my students.  I will post the pictures in a few days.  I created looms to weave with out of old canvas stretchers and nails.  It worked like a charm.  I will post the results tomorrow!!!  Have a great night.   Thanks for the twitter tip!